Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy

Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and want a healthier baby than your friends then you should consider healthy juice. Your body requires a balanced diet. When you are pregnant to ensure that you and your unborn baby are fed and well-nourished.

There are many benefits to drinking healthy juices regularly during pregnancy. This article will highlight some of these fantastic benefits, including how to make Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy?

Benefits of Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy:

The benefits of drinking juices are numerous. Fresh juice provides your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, and other valuable compounds, but it also helps detoxify your system. Here are some of the health benefits of drinking fresh juice during pregnancy.

1. Helps improve digestion:

When you are pregnant, especially in the first trimester, your bodies are having a hard time digesting foods. Juice can be an effective way to increase the flow of blood throughout the body and provide a boost of energy to keep everything functioning correctly.

2. Relieves nausea/morning sickness:

Morning sickness, also known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, is a condition that occurs during pregnancy. It usually begins around day 9-12 and lasts until about day 20 of a woman’s pregnancy. The cause of this symptom is still unknown; however, some believe it could be caused by a change in hormone levels at that stage of the pregnancy. Having some juice may help relieve some of these symptoms.

3. Provides vitamin C:

Antioxidants are chemical compounds that are capable of neutralizing free radicals and preventing them from causing harm to other molecules in the human body. Vitamin C is essential in maintaining healthy skin, bones, teeth, eyes, immune system, and cardiovascular system. An adequate intake of vitamin C can prevent heart disease, cancer, cataracts, poor vision, diabetes, and other conditions.

Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy:

Below Best 4 Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy which you can make at home.

1. Green Juice Recipe

Green juices are gaining popularity among pregnant women due to their health benefits. This recipe is rich in vitamin C and detoxifies the body. It helps strengthen bones while improving mental acuity. It’s also loaded with antioxidants that help fight free radicals and protect against cancer.

Many studies say green juice helps reduce nausea, improve sleep quality, and prevent morning sickness. These are just a few benefits of drinking green juice recipes for pregnant women. Here’s How to Make a Green Juice Recipe


Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy
Green Juice: Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy
  1. One cucumber
  2. Two carrots
  3. One beet
  4. ½ lemon
  5. One apple
  6. One apple cored
  7. Ten kale leaves
  8. ½ celery stalk
  9. Two fresh mint leaves
  10. One clove garlic
  11. Sea salt
  1. Cut the cucumber, carrot, beet, apple, kale leaves, garlic, and celery stalk into small pieces.
  2. Put all cut ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
  3. Add lemon juice and mint leaves into the blender and mix again.
  4. Add sea salt to your taste and drink it.

2. Apple Juice:

Apple juice has been used since ancient times for various health benefits. Apple juice contains many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for pregnant women. Apple juice can help you get pregnant faster, but how do you make it?


  • 1 Apple
  • ¼ Cup of Water
  • 2 Tbsp. Honey
  1. Peel the apple, and cut it into half or quarters depending on size.
  2. Add 1/4 cup water and apple into the mixture.
  3. Blended mixture through a fine-mesh strainer to remove the pulp. Discard the pulp. Add Honey and drink it.

3. Orange Juice:

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system and fight infections. It’s also loaded with vitamin A, B6, and potassium. If you are pregnant and looking for natural ways to prevent nausea, then you should consider orange juice.


  • 1 Orange
  • 2 Cups of water
  1. Peel the orange. Cut into quarters, and remove any seeds.
  2. Put the pieces of orange into a blender and add the 2 cups of water. Blend until smooth.
  3. Drink it after proper strain.

4. Carrot Juice:

A carrot juice recipe that can help prevent premature labor a common complication among pregnant women. Carrots are high in beta-carotene (vitamin A), folate, manganese, iron, calcium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and B. They contain reasonable amounts of potassium and magnesium too. These nutrients help keep your body healthy throughout pregnancy.

Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy
Carrot Juice: Healthy Juice Recipes for Pregnancy


  1. Six large Carrot
  2. One Orange
  3. Two Fresh Ginger Slice
  • Peel and cut the carrot into small pieces.
  •  Peel of Orange and cut it into slices.
  •  Put the Carrot pieces in a Juice Extractor with orange and ginger slices.
  • Extract juice with an extractor.
  • Drink this drink daily before meals.


Healthy juice recipes for pregnant women help enhance digestion, detoxify the body, and nourish the developing fetus. Many pregnant women who drink healthy juice enjoy improved sleep quality and less fatigue. Drinking green juice recipes for pregnant women can prevent morning sickness,

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