What Is Difference Between Habit and Lifestyle?

What is Difference Between Habit and Lifestyle?

We are leaving modern age of Life where Everybody has no time for health due to Habitual behavior. No body is differentiate between Habit and Lifestyle.

In this Blog, I try to explain Difference Between Habit and Lifestyle.

What is Habit?

Habit is Addictive/developed according to environment/surrounding/company like Biting nails, smoking etc.

What is Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is a way of life how peoples are living or lead their daily life. like what eating, Exercise daily etc.

see below more explanation Difference Between Habit and Lifestyle.


Let suppose you are doing a job away from your home and everyday you reach on your job at 6AM.

You wake up at 4 AM, take bath and brush this is habit. After Breakfast you take milk or tea without milk or sugar it is habit. You try to catch a bus on time to to reach on time or avoid traffic pollution this is habit. After finishing your work you want to reach home on time to see your favorite season and sleep on time, it is habit.

How Habit Affects On your Life?

Habit affects not only on your daily/ Personal/ Private Life but also your Finances, Your Social Life, Your Relationship, Your Job, Your Work or Business, Your personal grooming etc. Whether you start a little or huge work or thing it starts with your Habit!

Look around you, observe  what did you wear? How you Brush your Teeth? Why Did you take Phone? How much time you used Phone? Did you read any something for self Improvement on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter etc.

Daily you are working with Client in office, Every Client has different Habits so Bad Habits gives bad result, Poor Habits gives poor Result. Below there are some good and bad habits which impact on daily/ Routine Life.

Good Habits:

  1. Self Grooming/Care
  2. Productivity
  3. Find Happiness
  4. Making a new friend
  5. Smiling
  6. Achieve Goal
  7. Save Money
  8. Budget vs Expenses
  9. Keen Learning
  10. Do It Yourself
  11. Early to Bed Early to Rise
  12. Take Action Soon
  13. Positive Thinking

Bad Habits

  1. Gossip
  2. Negative Thinking
  3. Knuckles Cracking
  4.  Nail Biting
  5. High Volume Headphone
  6. Cell Surf before Bed
  7. Sit for long Period of Time
  8. Eat too much
  9. Junk Food
  10. Eat Quickly
  11. Improper Teeth cleaning
  12. Smoking
  13. Late Sleep

How Improve Habitual Behavior?

If you Want to improve your Positive Habit and minimize your Negative then you Can make plan as below

  1. Note down what your life looks like right now.
  2. Make a list of Negative Habits which you want minimize.
  3. Make list of Habits which you want to replace with Negative Habits,
  4. Prioritize Habits List as per your plan.
  5. Prepare Action Plan
  6. Make a Punishment and Reward Plan.

Below  Explanation regarding  second part (Lifestyle) of Difference Between Habit and Lifestyle.


Lifestyle is established/ Developed  by a society, culture, group or individual for living It Consists of society behavior, interaction of People, consumption of time/ money, Nature of work and interests that describe how spend time. Daily Exercise, Fitness Conscious Nutritious food, are examples of healthy life style.

For Example you want to go Gym or Fitness Club for maintaining  your fitness and health, You are going daily Gym/ Fitness Club and doing exercise that is Lifestyle.
How Lifestyle Affects On your Life?

There are two types of Lifestyle.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle
  2. Unhealthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle has many effects on Life. Like It helps you feel good and stay well for longer.

An unhealthy lifestyle has negative effects on your health/ Life. Likeliness, metabolic diseases, joint and skeletal problems hypertension, overweight etc.

Below there are some Healthy Lifestyle and Unhealthy Lifestyle which effect on daily Life.
Healthy Lifestyle
  1.  Healthy Diet
  2. Balance Carbohydrates
  3. Control Fat Intake
  4. Eat Fruits and vegetables
  5. Reduce Sugar/ Salt Intake
  6. Maintain Body Weight
  7. Daily Exercise
  8. Quit Smoking
  9. Positive Surrounding
  10. Enough Sleep etc.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

  1. No Daily Exercise
  2. Excessive Junk Food
  3. Not Enough Sleep
  4. Smoking
  5. Drinking too much
  6. Stress in Work Environment
  7. Excessive Screen Time
  8. Not Follow Eat/Meal time
  9. Go work without Breakfast
  10. Obesity

How Improve Lifestyle?

Make a list of an unhealthy lifestyle, then replace gradually unhealthy to healthy lifestyle and enjoy good and longer life.

If I will tell you Difference Between Habit and Lifestyle  in short sentence it will be as

If you wake up in morning at 6 AM everyday  without alarm/alarm Ringing ,It’s a habit , if you use watches from only one brand then it’s a lifestyle.



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