How To Make Money In Little Alchemy

How To Make Money In Little Alchemy

You can find information in this blog about How To Make Money In Little Alchemy. You can find below every Step involving making Money in Little Alchemy. Before starting How To Make Money In Little Alchemy, we will share with you essential information.

What is a little alchemy?

Little Alchemy is a Simple, Easy, friendly, Creative, but addictive/ Habitual game. It starts with four essential items, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, and uses them to find Money, houses, humans, animals, etc. Little Alchemy gives you to explore real chemical reactions with other elements. In this game, you can combine earth and air to form dust. Then, mix fire with dust to create gunpowder. Little Alchemy is designed and developed by Recloak in Warsaw, Poland. Recloak is also the creator of Little Alchemy 2.

It has 580 Elements, Let’s see if can discover all of them and is available in different languages like English, French, Spanish, German, etc. You can play at your own place. This game is free and has No Ads. and played for Android, iOS, and online Browsers.

Is it Educational?

Yes, it is Educational Game. Play of this Game can enhance the creativity, sense of humor, and Critical thinking of the student.

 How does It Play?

  1. Pick Up Your Elements: The right side of the screen has a toolbar in Little Alchemy. You can choose an element from Water, fire, earth, and air.
  2. Drag Chosen Element: Drag picked 1st Element which you chose and put it on the screen’s left side. You drag Earth 1st.
  3. Mixing of Elements:  Now you mix the 1st Element with another Element. Suppose you Picked 1st Element, Earth, then you choose and drag Water on the earth and mix it. It became Mud. You can continue by picking and combining elements.
  4. Ask for hints.  If you get stuck in the game, use the top-right button for a tip or help. “Are you stuck? Need a hint”.

We will Share Step by Step instructions about How to Make Money in little alchemy below.

We will make Metal in 1st Step:

Earth & Fire = Lava

Lava & Air = Stone

Stone & Fire = Metal

We will make Sun In the 2nd Step:

Water & Fire = Steam

Steam &Air = Cloud

Cloud & Air = Sky

Sky & Fire = Sun

We will make Gold In the 3rd Step:

Sun & Metal = Gold

We will Make Plant In the 4th Step:

Air & Water = Rain

Rain & Earth = Plant

We will Make Swamp In the 5th Step:

Earth & Water = Mud

Mud & Plant = Swamp

We will make Energy In the 6th Step:

Air & Fire = Energy

We will make the Tool In the 7th Step:

Energy & Swamp = Life

Life & Earth = Human

Human & Metal = Tool

We will make Tree In the 8th Step:

Air & Stone = Sand

Sand & Fire = Glass

Glass & Sand = Time

Time & Plant = Tree

We will make Wood In the 10th Step:

Tool & Tree = Wood

We will make Paper In the 11th Step:

Air & Air = Pressure

Wood & Pressure = Paper

Finally, We will make Money In the 12th Step:

Paper & Gold = Money

Congratulations, you have completed all the above steps on How To Make Money in Little Alchemy and Money in your hand. If you want to have more fun, you can combine it with another element to enjoy this game.

You can combine Money with the following and make new things.

Money & House = Bank

Money & Leather = Wallet

Money & Steel = Safe

Money & Metal = Safe

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